Devoted Dreamer

Here’s how it works:

1.  Complete a Devoted Dreamer card & file it in the Box of Dreams.

2.  Each time you shop at Paper Dreams (or buy non-book items from Village Books) pull your card and carry it with you to the cash register.

3.  We’ll mark the pre-tax amount of your purchase in one of the six boxes on the card.

4.  Re-file your card in the Box of Dreams.

5.  When you have filled all six boxes, we’ll total your purchases and give you a Reward Card for 10% of that total. You can use that reward at either store for any items.

6.  Repeat!

And, after you fill your second card, you’ll get a free Paper Dreams 5th Saturday Club Bag. Any time there is a 5th Saturday in a month, you’ll get 20% off all the non-book items at Paper Dreams and Village Books that fit in that bag. The total of what you spend on 5th Saturdays will, of course, be added to your Devoted Dreamer card.